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DigiCert, Inc. is an American technology company focused on digital security and headquartered in Lehi, Utah with international offices in Australia, Ireland, Japan, India, South Africa, Switzerland and United Kingdom. As a certificate authority (CA) and trusted third party, DigiCert provides the public key infrastructure (PKI) and validation required for issuing digital certificates or TLS/SSL ce


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Current Employee - Authentication Specialist says

"Management is non existent. We're all working from home now and neither managers or directors respond to questions. So now we're just blindly issuing certificates so our metrics don't drop."

Former Employee - No Longer Applicable says

"Lehi personnel are very thin-skinned and like to deflect their short-comings onto non-Lehi personnel."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Very dishonest management. Private equity run company that only cares about maximizing revenue."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"poor management, politics, no room for growth."

Former Employee - Validation Analyst says

"Speaking for Validation Department. In a nutshell: - Extremely poor management, no clear direction, and limited communication with management unless there is a perceived wrongdoing occuring. - Heavy focus on a broken 'metrics' performance system. Positive/Constructive feedback is nonexistent. - Lack of transparency. Pushed for quality over quantity while increasing efficiency naturally. Was met with a 'do as you're told' demeanor from Team Leads and Management. - Favoritism/Nepotism/Cliquey - No incentives to do your best work - Inflexibility with scheduling - Encountered clock-watching management - No room for innovation/creativity - The actual job can get repetitive, but that could be offset by a less draining environment - Unnecessary office politics. Team leads hoarding knowledge to maintain their own competitive advantage."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lot's of errors - no idea how to communicate and what platforms to use Expect you to scroll through hundreds of pings/chats for crucial rule changes It's now mid March and they haven't given us correct W2s Severance letters and amounts were in some cases miscalculated by thousands and in all cases the quotes were misleading"

Current Employee - Validation says

"Since being bought by Toma Bravo and then when they bought out Symantec the culture has gone from 100 to maybe 10 in the validation department. Digicert used to prove its worth by beating any other company's customer service. This is no longer Digicert's priority apparently. Which is a mystery to everyone in validation. Let's not forget that Symantec was forced to sell their company because of poor validation. Now Digicert wants the department run by short term part time college freshman as a summer job. If they continue to do this they will get poorer and poorer validation. I fear history is repeating itself. Nail in the coffin was the other day they let us know that full-timers in validation in two U.S. offices would not get a bonus but all other full-time employees would. . ."

Current Employee - Validation Specialist says

"As i stated with the pros the cons are growing about every 3 weeks. -had to see several entire office with friends close down with no warning. they provided them with a severance package to keep them quiet. one paycheck for every year but now they wont pay bonuses to half their workers. -still have not gotten a raise unless you count going from part time to full time ( they told me it would be about 3mo 6 max but it was double. -All of validation is no longer eligible for Bounuses even though they sent out an email to all internal employees saying that we would get one in January then in January they pushed it back to march. then just this week they told all validation that they will not be getting one but that the newly acquired Symantec employees will be getting one as its in their contract but not ours.... -we still have not gotten 2018 raises and 2019 will be between 2.5-3% max for validation. -they really dont care about the people that are working the floor. only the guys on the 5th floor at digicert. -the turnaround time used to be years if we even had one people would stay at digicert but now our turn around time is 6mo right where it should be for a company like this. -heavy nepotism for friends. -No promotions or raises on a set schedule -no real skills to transfer to other jobs. we just google stuff. -no real long term training plan you get the basics when you start and then have to teach yourself."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lack of communication with employees. Corporate plans (both short and long term) need to be passed on to employees."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No empathy given when layoffs were done to hundreds this year. No thanks, no sorry, no great work while you were here! Just here is your package!!! HR could use some soft skills to deliver such news!!!"

Tim says

"We have tried to renew a code signing certificate and this was quite honestly the worst experience with any company I have ever had in my life and I would recommend anyone reading this to choose another provider. Yes, these are very drastic words and I am really not someone that generally leaves bad reviews but the way that DigiCert has handled our simple request is an absolute disaster on every level. I have spent SO MUCH of my time on this in the last few months, it's actually incredible. We have kept receiving conflicting information from DigiCert representatives on every step of the way. Then now, three months later we thought we are finally done and a new issue pops up because they made another mistake and actually needed something entirely different from us. I am just so, so tired with dealing with this company. The employees on the phone are friendly but they clearly have bigger organizational issues and are just absolute messy in their processes. Stay away from them if you can, there are plenty of competitors who do the same for less money without wasting your time."

Tanya Homleid says

"Applied for certificate renewal, was told it will take about 2 days. 2.5 weeks later it was not done, they kept working with the application from 2 years ago! Mentioned 2 or 3 times to look at the renewal application, but they still continues with application from 2018. Unbelievable, would not recommend them. $375 or about that for 1 year is more than anyone else charges. I am starting the application with IdenTrust, and can see immediately that applications are more professional."

John Frain says

"Been trying to get an SSL renewed for 4 days, constantly told it will be ready soon, but still not here. My production system will soon be inaccessible to my customers. This is truly the worst company I have ever dealt with"

Martinpanama says

"I’ve read comment which exactly shares our experience:

Digicert used to be great and issue certificates really fast but they are no longer the company they used to be.
Not helpful, extremely slow at issuing certificates now and the process is lengthy, unclear and complicated.
They never call when scheduled to complete the phone verification.
Absolute nightmare.
Ended up cancelling the ssl and going elsewhere."

Paul Houlton says

"We have regular issues with SSL certificates that mean we need ot contact about them, both Digicert and Geotrust live chat is crap !

No answer for hours on end...

If the support was better and they answered the chat it would help...

Going to find another provider"

Sudo says

"I spoke with a rep named Christopher, he was helpful and genuine, he tried to trouble shoot and assist me with my problem and I won't drag him into it. He was outstanding. But, the next day I spoke with a rep named Jason. Jason wasn't helpful and came off rude. He wasn't helpful at all. I've taken my business elsewhere. I had heard great things about digicert and their staff, if they were like Christopher I would have continued to attempt to resolve the situation at hand, but Jason killed any business deal present and future."

Asif Razaa says


So sent Email to digicert team at Sun, Oct 13, 2:25 AM and after waiting 1 month 6 days still waiting for a single reply from them.

I also sent 2 email as reminder and again no reply.

I've now start livechat and on chat he told me sent them email again and wait for some days :D i mean REALLY :D

If anyone from Digicert team want to check whats going on then here are case number [Case Number: 01467136]

i know they are super busy with nothing :P"

Mark Scott says

"Digicert used to be great and issue certificates really fast but they are no longer the company they used to be.
Not helpful, extremely slow at issuing certificates now and the process is lengthy, unclear and complicated.
They never call when scheduled to complete the phone verification.
Absolute nightmare.
Ended up cancelling the ssl and going elsewhere."

Khalid Ahmed says

"Be Careful, Much careful, Unprofessional employees, Too much delays, Can not solve any serious situation, They do not even care to help customers.

We are USA based company incorporated in USA/Delaware more than 2 years ago, Paid taxes 2 times, As well as our office is in Egypt. They took us in a loop for more than a months.
One time they asked to be found on google map , and refused our certificate for that reason. next time it was ready.
one employee told us they need the Egyptian license, and confirmed they have Arabic members in their team. But lately they told they can not contact with any online government service to verify. Then they requested a letter from a local lawyer, then i send asked them how could u confirm any local Egyptian letter? they apologizes they have no way to do that? then they asked to call me on phone to verify my mobile, two weeks between scheduling a phone call, and apologizes they can not make it on time, and rescheduling again the call. they can not make a call !!!!!!!
Then they decided to use the USA company since it easier to confirm, any one can visit Delaware state website and ask for info about any company by its file number, then they requested a letter from a us lawyer to verify us !!!! a letter from who ? local us lawyer ?
as a published US company, we need a letter from US lawyer to confirm that we are a registered company !!!
They even can not call me directly, and give requests they know they can not get any use of it, they just waste ur time in a look to pass the one month limitation to cancel your order if not done.

Do not wast your time, your nerve, and your money with such hoppiers.
Worst experience with internet company i had."

Henrik Jensen says

"Will spam you forever and ever once you have bought one of their products.
Now two years later, I still can unsubscribe from their spam emails. There are no unsubscribe-links in their mails, and their support don't reply to request to be removed from their mailinglists.

I will never in my life buy a product from them again."

Andrew says

"Stay away from DigiCert. I can give two very solid reasons for this-
1. Very unprofessional. You don't get any kind of prompt support once you have bought their products.
2. The products by themselves are not worth your money and time. They are not effective as we would want them to be. Of what use is a security product that doesn't give the right kind of security?"

Christian B. says

"After a few years of using a certificate from this authority, the certificate became near to its end of life. We decided to renew it, but neither the reseller nor the authority itself was able to help us restoring our customer account. I cannot remember if we even got an answer from DigiCert. We ended up with another provider and are still wondering about the low price.

Finally, after the old certificate became invalid, we suddenly receive a lot of e-mails! All automatic spam messages, of course. Like that was not enough, they don't send it in german or english, what is easily understood, no, they send it in french.

When asked to stop this mailings, first DigiCert didn't manage an answer. We were surprised when we received an answer to our second complaint, but sobering they really recommended to use a filter to get rid of their own messages, as they were not able to stop this mailings. This is unbelievable.

A certification authorities capital imho is trustfulness and reliability. How can this be related to sending unwanted spam and the inability to stop this behavior, what is illegal in parts of the world? No way! It's an opposite!

The only reason to give 2 stars instead of 1 is the fact that it worked in the past.

##german version below:

Nach einigen Jahren der Nutzung des Zertifikates dieser Zertifizierungsstelle, kam es an das Ende seiner Gültigkeit. Wir wollten es erneuern, jedoch konnte uns weder der Verkäufer noch DigiCert selbst uns helfen, den Zugang zu unserem Kundenkonto wiederherzustellen. Ich kann mich nicht erinnern, ob wir überhaupt eine Antwort von DigiCert bekommen haben. Am Ende lief es daraufhinaus, dass wir ein Zertifikat eines anderen Anbieters nutzten und wir wundern uns immer noch über den niedrigen Preis.

Schließlich, nachdem das alte Zertifikat ungültig wurde, erhielten wir plötzlich viele E-Mails! Natürlich alles nur automatischer Spam. Als wäre das nicht genug, versendeten sie es nicht auf deutsch oder englisch, was leicht verständlich wäre, nein, sie senden französisch.

Auf die Frage, ob man diese Mails abstellen könnte, schaffte DigiCert zunächst keine Antwort. Wir waren überrascht, als wir auf unsere zweite Beschwere eine Antwort erhielten, mussten aber ernüchternd feststellen, dass sie wirklich empfahlen, einen Filter zu verwenden, um ihre eigenen Nachrichten zu entfernen, weil sie nicht in der Lage seien, den Versand einzustellen. Es ist unglaublich.

Das Kapital einer Zertifizierungsstelle ist m.E. Vertrauenswürdigkeit und Verlässlichkeit. Wie kann das mit dem unverlangten Versand von Spam verbunden sein, was in Teilen der Welt sogar illegal ist? Gar nicht. Es ist das Gegenteil!

Der einzige Grund, 2 Sterne anstelle eines einzigen, ist die Tatsache, dass es früher funktioniert hat."

Ronnie Pacheco says

"I expected more professional approach because after-sales is a very important factor, I hope those taking care of this department knows what it is. I am still to utilize the complete prospects of this software, and hopefully if someone comes across I can do. Disappointed."